Baker Girl Getting Fit

A place where I post my fitness journey, recipes, exercise ideas and beautiful people of all sizes :) I'm working on eating healthier, exercising more and learning to love myself.

BW: 198
Down: 30 lbs
Goal: Feeling better :)

I’ve been slack on posting on here. Work has me exhausting especially these last two weeks where I filled in for the pastry chef which meant getting up at 4 am (which ended up more like 4:20 am) and worked 6-8 hours :/ so I haven’t ran in a while and I’m at a plaeto trying to get down to my half way goal. Anyway wanted to document one of the few healthy breakfasts I’ve had in a while

Egg and cheese sandwich on 100 percent whole grain toast, made with fresh organic egg (from my Mom’s chickens) with salt and pepper and 2 percent colby cheese, then 3 strawberries, and a small cup of green tea with one packet of stevia and soy milk :)

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